Makerspace Open Evenings - Wednesdays (Badshot Lea)

Hi everyone!

NOTE: Please check the most recent posts in this thread for detail of current open evenings!

Following the move our regular Members’ Evenings resume this Tuesday 15th August! The space should be open by 7pm, so members can come and get back to making.

A public re-opening will hopefully follow before too long, and member access to the site outside of the Members’ Evenings is actively being progressed.


Our regular evening sessions are continuing every Tuesday at 7pm. This week a former member Alan (@Folknology) dropped by.

An Open Source Keyboard

Alan gave us a quick look a project he’d brought with him, a compact open source USB keyboard:

The original is based on an Arduino Pro Micro, but they can also be built using a number of similar boards like the KB2040 shown here (which uses an RP2040 microprocessor).

He’d recently put on a workshop building the keyboards OSHCAMP the annual Open Source Hardware event. There’s a page with pictures from the workshop and more information if you’d like to know more.

Analogue Drum Sounds

I also laser cut a front plate for a simple analogue drum sound circuit called a Mini Space Rocker:

The design of the Mini Space Rocker circuit inside came from Eric Archer and uses four transistors a diode and a collection of resistors and capacitors to create some interesting sounds. This version has pin sockets for the components C1, C2, & C3 which can be changed to alter the sound.


Tomorrow (Tuesday) is our regular members’ evening, I’ve written a short blog about some of the things that were going on last week:

If you’re a member and want to access the space when a keyholder isn’t available this Tuesday will be a good day to visit as we’re getting that process underway.


Our regular Tuesday evening sessions continue. There’s a new blog post up about some of the things happening at the makerspace

(Ongoing rumours of other strange and wondrous projects taking place at the makerspace that never make it to the blog or forum can neither be confirmed or denied).


Hi folks, the space should be open this evening by 7:45. Hopefully see some of you there.

Hi, if I became a member, what is the ‘timetable’ of when the makerspace is available for mater sessions and what is the ‘open’ and ‘close’ time of each maker session.

By ‘maker session’, I mean useable for making, rather than a talk or demo going on etc.

Thanks, Richard.

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Hi, there will be an announcement about our open evenings and members’ access to the space in the next few days.

In the meantime Richard I’ve sent you an answer via the forum’s messaging system.

Thanks I have replied to that.

Hi everyone,

Open Evenings are moving to 7PM on Wednesdays (starting immediately), as that seems to work better for people.

It’s a great opportunity for non-members to drop in and find out about the Makerspace, and for members to meet up, chat, and work on their projects.

Please see our Where to Find Us page if you’ve never visited our new location in Badshot Lea before.


Hi folks, there’s UK storm warnings at the moment, with high winds as well as rain by later in the evening. Please plan your journey carefully.

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Here’s some pics from this evening!

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