Makerspace BBQ!

Hello all! We’ve been thinking of having a BBQ on the early may (6th) bank holiday weekend (weather pending)

I appreciate that some of you may work bank holidays so I was going to propose Saturday the 4th. If people can’t make the Saturday we can move it to the sunday. Feel free to reach out or comment if there’s a particular day you’re not able to do and we can accommodate to try and get everyone along. It’s been a while since the last BBQ so it would be nice to get everyone together again!

Either send me a pm or comment your thoughts, the last one was a huge success so let’s give it another go!

(Non members welcome, if you’ve been meaning to check out the makerspace you can use this as an excuse to come see what you’re missing out on!

See you there!

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May the 4th sounds like an opportunity for a Star Wars theme…

That’s a brilliant idea… let’s do it!

Hello all, BBQ is confirmed for the 4th of may. We ask that you’re able to if you could bring along something to add to the communal “pot” be it food, drinks, snacks etc. I am bringing a load of sausages so we are good on that front. If people could let me know what they are intending to bring (if able to bring something) I can make a list and update so we don’t have a thousand hot dog rolls and no hot dogs for example :joy: