Makerspace access / power issues - 24/02/23

Makerspace power status: On (Off)

I’m sorry to have to inform everyone that the power is off in the makerspace at the moment. This means that card access into the space is currently offline, as are all powered tools.

Very early investigations seem to suggest that the circuit breaker in the basement has tripped.

Obviously we’ll be aiming to get everything up and running as soon as possible, but please check back for any updates before travelling to the space.

Thanks for the heads up.

Once this is fixed, if I can chat to @AndrewPatience (?) a bit about the network and the rack server and get some access I’ll set something up to enable remote monitoring. I’ll monitor the end point myself from home but I’ll make it so anyone else can do it too and in future we could also have a status page on the website or posts to WhatsApp/discord/slack or whatever.

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Thanks @JulianWarren I think the Boileroom have had problems like this before.

Hi everyone, I met up with @stochastic_forest at the space today.

I’m happy to say that the makerspace power is back on, and the door access system is working.