Maker Raft Race - Sat 5th Aug 2017

If we can find enough people it would be great to enter a team for the Maker Raft Race in August.
A chance to get soaked and show off our maker skills and ingenuity, whilst meeting other people from the maker community.

Anyone mad enough to sign up for this project ? :slight_smile:

Announcement E-Mail:
So far we have it scheduled for the 5th of August and will take place in the Islington Boat Club, which is situated in the City Road Basin between Old Street and Angel Tube stations. Teams must consist of at least two people, and the raft must be made from non marine parts. There will be some other restrictions on size and about leaving no trace in the canal, but the more wacky and innovative the better! I will confirm the prize categories in the poster.

People can drop off rafts the day before, or bring them on the Saturday morning to build / finish them onsite before racing begins in the afternoon!

If any other people want to contribute in the day in some way - to make a little summer fete type event - than I welcome suggestions… There is a small public park from which anyone can watch, so even it people cant take part on the water we encourage plenty of audience attendance - there will be pedalos and canoes to play in as well!

I might organise a tug of war on the bank, for instance.

The raft teams could be made from the founders, coordinators, members or anyone else that wants to get involved - like local schools, scout groups, fire brigades, housing associations, pubs, darts teams, allotment associations, whatever!! There will probably have to be a small entrance fee, if we cant persuade the bigger commercial workshops to fund/sponsor the event.

I have checked my diary and definitely interested. Probably could find some extra hands on the day. Just need a build team and design.

Raft prototype design using plastic beer barrels with pallet wood and a plywood deck.

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Excellent use of pallet wood :wink:

Come join us for todays raft building from 11.30 at the space.

Bring out your inner pirate and help SHM build a craft to conquer the maker raft race.

Does anyone have some clever ideas how we can add more flotation to the five beer kegs we already have so we don’t sink and drown ? :slight_smile:

Raft building in progress.

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A big thank you to @AndrewPatience, @JulianWarren and Heather for their help with the raft building last night.

We have the beginnings of something that looks like it might float :slight_smile:

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Big thanks to everyone who helped out with the raft build on Tuesday, Heather, Andrew, Robert !
Great to see a group build coming together.

This might be a little late, but I’ve just tracked down the official rules for the raft race here.

One gotcha for us might be that we can’t use commercially manufactured paddles, that means we will have to throw together something serviceable tonight.

I also note we need a 2m flag pole. I can bring a garden cane if no one else has anything better, can we make and paint a flag this evening ?


Pirates, buccaneers, shipwrights and admirals, by order of Captain Keeno and his associates, the following are the final rules for 2017:

– All rafts must be deemed Canal-Worthy by the assessment panel prior to launch.

– You can be on site from 10am making / tweaking / finishing rafts…

– Raft materials must not contaminate the canal in any way.

– Rafts can be no more than 6 feet wide (that’s 1.8288m for the metrics)

– All vessels to be human or nature powered (paddles, wind, solar etc. are OK)

– No pre-made, salvaged marine parts (canoes, paddles, outboards etc…). No marine-ply!

– All participants must wear life jackets (we will provide!)

– All participants are responsible for the removal and/or disposal of their raft following the event (all the bits…from land or water)

– Each raft must have at least two people on board.

– There is no maximum number of people that can be on board but all must pass the finish line (swimming trunks recommended but not required).

– All teams must be able to carry their rafts overland from finish to start line if they are fortunate enough to win the heat

– The judge’s word is final – until next year…

– You must register your team name

– Each team must have a flag and a 2m flag pole!!!

– All team members must be able to swim 50m

– Maximum draft is 4 foot

For more information contact The Carpentry Club, Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, London E2 6HG