Maker Raft Race 2018 28th of July

We are looking for crews and designs teams to get together to enter the maker Raft Race in Islington.

We have the materials left over from last year’s entry, which proved unsinkable despite several boarding attempts from other competitors, as a starting point.

This year sees a new category of clean energy powered vessels …

If you have an interest either in building, crewing or just supporting our team/s please show your interest in this thread.

Flag making is again compulsory for each team!

For a video of last year’s event click the INFO link below, the SHM craft and it’s crew can be spotted around 27s in!


I am planning to crew and build. Anyone interested in joining in is more than welcome.
We have a raft from last year but needs upgrading. We also have a couple of spare plastic barrels to increase buoyancy.

would be interesting to go wind powered… depends on if its a two way race, not sure how much tacking you could do in a canal

Flag from last year needs a tart-up, I’ll get it ready for when the time comes :rice_scene:

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Might have access to some layflat tubing that could be used to create an inflatable rib. about 30m of 6" so should created enough buoyancy.

Of any use?

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