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Maker Raft Race 2017 call for support

(Matt) #1

Come and support your Makerspace in the great makers raft race in Islington tomorrow - the valiant HMS-SHM and her crew needs your enthusiasm and probably any extra bouyancy it can get !!!

Is it possible that someone who knows more than I do, could put this on the front page of ?

(Andrew Patience) #2

Today’s makerspace workshop is found on the river back behind the Yvonne Arnold Theatre.

(Matt) #3

HMS-SHM makes her maiden voyage!

Without sinking!

(Julian Warren) #4

It floated, that’s fantastic!! So how did the event go?

(Andrew Patience) #5

Very successful event. Didn’t win the first prize but came away with a mug and some extra brewing related items. @stochastic_forest can hopefully share some photos of the event.

(Matt) #6

We made it on to Hackaday !

(Matt) #7

Here is a link to some of the exciting photos from the day!