Mainly BBC micro bits going free

I am preparing to move house and I have a number of things that will be needing a new home including

  • A couple of BBC Micro Masters with floppy discs and other accessories.
  • An Epson FX85 printer
  • An Epson FX80 Printer.
  • Spare ribbons for above if not dried out with time.
  • An Epson Stylus Photo 890 plus some replacement inks.
  • 4 monitors
  • Transformers and a power supply.

There may be more when I’ve finished.

Good evening Alan,

I’m sure the BBC Micros would be very welcome at the space. Where are you based?
I’d happily pop round and have a chat with what we could take off your hands.

Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:

Good evening Chris.

I live in Firwood drive Camberley.

You’re welcome to pop round. I’m now off-air 'tii Sunday afternoon. If you give me a phone number, we can organise a meet.

ps - do you know anyone capable of fixing ancient Heathkit scopes?

@Jagmills check your messages, contact details for @alanrwilson have been forward on to you.
Because of some glitch, he can’t reply to your comment above and instead gets multiple rejection messages, which seems a bit strange.

Thanks Claire, will follow up with him tonight!