Machinery - 3D Printer

A placeholder topic for the Makerspace’s 3D printer.

We have a very kind donation of a tvrrug round one 3D printer from Alan Cocks.

It has not been completed yet; currently the mechanical build seems to be mostly complete. The main work that needs to be done is assembly of the hot bed, routing of wires and mounting of electronics (The electronics have been tested working). It has everything we need to get it going and is in a good state.

Alan has also kindly donated several large reels of PLA so it’s a great start for us.

My suggestion is we hook up a Pi to it and then it will be nice a easy to use and we can give logins for members who have been trained to use the printer.


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Perfect! A pi would do nicely, I feel like it would be nice to have some Pi terminals around as well for people who might not have laptops.

I do of course have a lot of spares from my cannibalised tvrrug that can be put to good use here. :slight_smile:

We can monitor the progress here. Eventually my view is that these topics could replace the wiki, and make everything a little more organised. We’ll see how it goes though :slight_smile:

I also have my printer which can be used in the space, I also have some filament to bring in