The term ‘macaba-approved’ seems to have stuck a bit so I’ve no choice but to embrace it with open arms. I often have recommendations for maker-related services and items so seems natural to make lists here, updating when required.

(other than the usual suspects of eBay & Amazon)

UK located
Shipping info: Free next working day delivery on UK online orders over £20.
Great for standard electronic components, always price compare with RS.
Limited range of mechanical components (fasteners, motors).
No process control components (pneumatics, hydraulics).

RS Components
Shipping info: Free next working day delivery.
Great for standard electronic components, always price compare with Farnell.
Good range of mechanical components (fasteners, motors).
Good range of process control components (pneumatics, hydraulics).

Shipping info: Free delivery on all UK mainland orders over £5 ex. VAT.
Limited range of standard electronics components but it feels like a carefully curated range so I often find decent components here.
Good supplier for cables & computing items.
A nice range of digital projector mounts.

Rapid Electronics
Shipping info: Free UK mainland P&P on all orders over £30.
I use Rapid rarely but it’s often for niche items I can’t find anywhere else.
Great range of educational materials.

Outside UK
Shipping info: Free 2-3 day shipping on orders over £33 ex. VAT. Pick the FedEx option to have a hassle free customs experience (I think the import VAT is pre-paid by Mouser).
Items normally come from the USA.
I often use Mouser for semiconductors (ICs) and optoelectronics where not stocked by a UK supplier.

Shipping info: TBD
Items normally come from Germany.
I used this site to order a very specific motor for the 747 flight sim.

Shipping info: £5.70 ex. VAT next working day UPS delivery.
Items normally come from Poland.
I used this site to order a mains power filter replacement part for my washing machine; significantly cheaper than spare part suppliers on eBay.

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Nice list. I have made it wiki, so anyone should be able to add to it as required.

Another item on the macaba-approved list…

Sortimo T-Boxx

Currently at 20% Christmas discount.

Even at full price, these are a bargain. They’re huge and extremely well engineered pieces of plastic. I decided to get the pre-populated boxes with the red inserts (the smallest size) and bought a small quantity of all the other size inserts for maximum flexibility.
The inserts are removable so you could consult the box, get the relevant item you’re after and carry the insert back to your workbench. The inserts have a positive engagement with the lid so hopefully this is an end to cross-pollination between compartments.

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I too can officially endorse this product.

You know how it goes; you buy some boxes… you go to label some boxes… find your label printer is woefully inadequate… but it’s ok, Santa buys you a better label printer to go with your new boxes…

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A man after my own heart. :heart: Looks great!