M3D - 'The Micro' - 3D Printer

Today my M3D ‘The Micro’ - 3D Printer arrived.
The proprietary software is a little buggy but is easy to use, here are a few photos of the the first prints which seem quite good straight from the box:


I got mine on the 1st, in Green. I stupidly tried to second guess its Z home point and now it doesn’t print properly.
Hopefully will get it working again soon and set it up as an office 3d printer :wink:

About a week ago I created and printed off a battery cover for a Hario Drip Scale (VST-2000B), it’s not very pretty (partly because I didn’t use a raft or brim) and it is a very tight fit, however it does the job of stopping the batteries from falling out of the base:

This was the 1st attempt where I didn’t align the locking clip to the bed height:

and the 2nd attempt on which I forgot to add 2 locating tabs:

now I’m having various issues, mainly I think due to the filament binding on the reel when using the internal feed route, so I’ll see if I using the external port resolves the issues, ironically I’m trying to print a spool holder.