Looks like the Digispark has been cloned

Digispark ATTINY Dev Board

The genuine Digispark boards appear to retail at $8ish (and when I checked there was a sale on). Only has a tiny amount if IO and isn’t very fast but it seems it would be useful for a few projects.

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Thanks for posting about it. I’ve added it to my Banggood wish list :wink: Banggood also have SKUs for 3/5/10 quantity that represent some quite good discount on this already cheap price!

Done the math :smile:

3 pieces @ $3.16 each (cheaper to order 3 of the single boards)

5 pieces @ $2.95 each

10 pieces @ $2.86 each

To confuse the situation even more… look at the bulk buy discount on the single quantity SKU:

1	3	10	30	100
3.15	2.89	2.82	2.76	2.69

I didn’t even notice the bulk buy price (probably because I’m on mobile - why can’t web developers keep functionality between the mobile and desktop versions :anguished:) so that’s rather confusing.