Liquid Keys and other characters

Why do I feel like I want one of these keyboards !

That is most excellent! Strange they didn’t choose to make the command/control keys eink as well. That would have probably made it one of the most useful for people using such a thing for both Windows and Mac.

Awesome idea!

Defo looks like a neat idea - so much that I was even considering going for the the pre-order as it was going for 199 dollars vs 350 they are saying it will go on sale.
However the legalese for the pre-order is inappropriate for the pre-order and seems to pertain to software not a keyboard.
There is very little mention of where they are in their development with the only mention of a date being the following from product description:

“Product Description
Pilot 2016Q2”

Further more disputes for payment by terms are limited to 60 days (per their own contract yet delivery date is way way beyond that (if that is an estimate of delivery date. Even paying with paypal there might be issues getting money back after such a long time (at over 6 months) as legalese mentions nothing about this being a pre-order and just drones on about software terms etc.