Lathe to turn axle spindle for Cyclekarts

I’m building a Cyclekart and need to turn two spindles for the front axles. I was wondering whether that’s something I might be able to do at the Makerspace?

I’m hoping to be able to drop in on Tues 20th Nov in the evening if there was likely to be anyone around to chat to about this


for more information about Cyclekarts, take a look here:

Hi Stefan! Thanks for your note.

I imagine your spindles are made from steel, and are probably somewhat long - do you have a rough size?

We have quite a small lathe at the makerspace, it’s more of a model engineering size. I believe the distance between centres is 250mm and maximum swing is 6".

Where are you based? I know of a couple of spaces not too far that have much more industrial lathes that might be better suited for your job, or perhaps one of our members could help you out.


Hi Chris,

I think an model engineering lathe should work well. The spindles will be out of 20mm diameter mild steel bar and about 100-120mm long. The turning is fairly straightforward - 20mm then a shoulder down to 17mm, then the last bit is 16mm to take a M16 thread.

I don’t suppose you also have dies to cut left and right hand M16 x1.5mm threads?

I’d be interested to hear about the other spaces anyway. I’m based in Bagshot.


Sadly I won’t be around at the makerspace for a while due to a work trip - I’d definitely recommend popping in to take a look at the equipment.

I think we have a relatively standard set of dies, not sure about M16. We have a tailstock die holder however. @Takumo may be able to comment more on our tapping abilities :slight_smile:

I think with patience our lathe will cut your parts, I’ve done steel on it before.

Also, nice to hear you are in Bagshot - I used to live there before moving to Frimley earlier this year :slight_smile:

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