Laser Material Order

I am looking at ordering acrylic sheet for the Woking Makerday workshop, so order needs to be in soon. I aasume best to use for material.

If anyone is interested i can order a few extra sheets for the space or anyone that needs any.

I will be in need of at least 4 sheets of 600x400 (enough for 24 people) of Blue Acrylic. About £26.50 or £1.10 per person.

I’m trying to visualise if transparent deep blue would look better than opaque ? :slight_smile:

I think your right transparent perspex would be better just have to make the insides neat and tidy.

I given the lack of time for decision making I’ve gone a head and ordered the perspex for the Woking Makerday workshop, plus some more stuff.
I think that will be enough to keep supplies topped up.

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Thanks for sorting that. Just make sure that anything that goes into the general supply has some sort of pricing on it, or a price-list on the wall or something. We can’t really give stuff away just yet.