Laser cutter capacity

Hello :slight_smile:

Does anyone remember if the laser cutter’s rear panel removes, much like the front?
I have a large sheet of frosted acrylic (~1000mmx500mm) which I want to cut some keyhole shapes into. My goal is to create a panel for organising my synth cables of various lengths.

If the rear panel can be removed, it means I can feed the whole sheet in and move it through…maybe - as I type this I realise I may have an issue with the width too…

Maybe @stochastic_forest or @AndrewPatience could advise?

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The rear panel could be removed and I think your plan would work.
Unfortunately. the extractor is fitted to the rear panel.

Laser safety glasses and plenty of ventilation are advised.

Thanks a lot @AndrewPatience for checking, really appreciate it :slight_smile:
I will hopefully get some time over the next few days to plan my attack. I have an alternative idea if the width is too much, which is to chop the panel lengthwise.
My big synth case is a large wooden freestanding thing on wheels I made, and opens up like a book with synths on either side. The eventual idea is that the panel will be a further hinged door inside that swings outwards from one side - it could easily be two half panels swinging out from either outside edge.