Laser cutter calibration


I tried to calibrate the laser cutter yesterday to make the dimensions of the cut piece more precise. It is possible to adjust the scaling factor for the x and y directions separately. I was very happy with the result yesterday but in the fresh light this morning it is clearly not good. More over I forgot to restore the original settings into the machine. The machine still works but dimensions are a bit off, well, more off than they used to be.

I attempt to attach the original configuration file I saved before tinkering This can be reloaded via the File->Vendor Settings menu. The password required is RD8888.

I cannot get in myself but id any of you are in this weekend let me know and I reset the machine. (550 Bytes)

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the post - as we spoke last night, I’ve added you to the laser group which should unlock some relevant posts in the forum.

Unfortunately I won’t be in this weekend myself, between tidying my garage and doing some brewing I won’t have the time to come down. Looking forward to seeing your next results when you return from holiday!

So many acrylic squares. I was seeing square for the rest of the night.

Thanks for the heads up on that, depending on how different they are it could have been quite confusing!

I’ve been down to the space, saved out the settings that were in place in RDWorks and restored the old settings. I’ve put both files in the ~/shm/laser_cutting/Settings folder if you need either of them.