Laser cut stamps?

I was thinking about trying to make some stamps with the laser cutter as a quick project. Presumably you would get a simple b/w image, mirror it and invert it so white was back etc, so that the black areas would be cut out.

Has anybody tried this sort of thing already? Any tips?

Hi Orion :slight_smile:
Yes I actually did make some rubber stamps for inking some labels. The process is quite straight forward, and in fact you don’t really need to do anything image-wise as the laser software can do the inverting, mirroring etc. for you.

I bought some laserable rubber material, such as this from Amazon.
I believe others from the space have done block printing, using solid materials.

I’ll have to check my notes for the settings I used for the rubber material, but dialing it in wasn’t too tricky.

Thanks for the help Chris!

I’ve got some acrylic and some 6mm birch, will try those tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Rubber is a good idea, I’ll have to source some.

Kitronic has some laserable stamp material here as well.

I did make a couple of blocks using standard laser ply, I was quite pleased with the results. Though they probably wouldn’t pass muster for a pro. I think I stored the materials in one of the plastic yellow draws under the 3D printer bench, if you want to take a look.

You might want to check out some dithering/halftoning algorithms, some info here.

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