Keyring Material Selection

Did a little bit of testing with the laser last night and created this snazzy piece. But is there a better material than Acrylic that I could used to make some keyrings? Acrylics a little brittle for this intricate design. Especially if you sit on your keys by accident!


Laser-etched (rather than fully cut out) onto an oval of wood or (veg-tanned) leather, maybe?

Etched onto leathers not a bad shout. Its a shame the soft rubber keyrings are PVC

+1 for the leather idea. You could use the thick stuff (which engraves well and almost cuts but not fully) and help it out by finishing off the cut.

Would probably last years!

Could almost create a few designs for fairs etc.

Actually I might cross-reference over to the leatherworking / EMF camp thread…

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A simple eyelet rivet added for the keyring to pass through would make this last forever :slight_smile:

Ive got some pop stud rivets already so a loop could work. is there a small sample of leather that I could do a test with before buying more? the piece is roughly 45x30mm

I have some I believe, I’ll dig it out for Friday. If you’re not around I can leave it in a secret and secure location (probably the flyer holder).

awesome. I’ll likely be in this friday

At @Claire_Lonsdale’s suggestion in the other thread, I’d quite like to make myself an SHM key chain prototype :slight_smile: so I’ll bring it along and try and get it going!

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To restate - remember only veg tanned leather for the laser-cutter (unfortunately more tricky to tell if it is or not if you’re going after bits from a scraps bin).

We (David Price, me and Hannah of TVRRUG fame) have been 3d printing keytags at TeenTech events for many years. Last year @stochastic_forest joined us for the Surrey version. Simply import your DXF file into openscad and extrude it. Then apply the usual toolchain. I have had 2 keytags produced in that way on my keyring for > 3 years. David has even written a GUI to remove the OpenSCAD coding from the equation.