Just received - 24MHz 8Channel Logic Analyzer

Found this Saleae-clone 24MHz 8Channel Logic Analyzer on BangGood recently, so it seemed the only thing to do was buy it. I was compelled.

Gave it a quick try on my UV Box controller, and it seems to do what it should - it uses the Saleae software.

For £5 it doesn’t come with probe hooks of course, so now I need to find some reasonably-priced ones…

£6.07 from UK, £5.39 from CN.

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I have one of these; quirks:

  • It gets HOT (cheap voltage regulator), performance doesn’t seem to suffer though.
  • It tends to crap out when you try and run it at the maximum sample rate in Logic (the software), so I just run it at the next sample rate down which is still pretty fast.

look no further :smile:

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Added to basket :smile:

Aha! Might come in handy for my Bus Pirate.