It's curtains for you, bub

Hi all,

Interesting discussion at the space last night - wouldn’t it be nice to have some curtains - specifically black out curtains?

Would be handy for times we have a talk/projection happening, or a project that requires darkness in the space for whatever reason. It would also be handy for keeping cold/heat in/out respectively.

Then we got a bit Makerspacey…and how about some ‘SHM’ LEDs sewn into the back of the curtains for an easy exterior display? :slight_smile:

Blackout blinds might be better (they’d be more “out of the way” when open)

LEDs sound fun, but I suspect you’d need to check that with the Boileroom (in case it’s against permitted things you can do with the building/upsets residents).

Good point, although blinds might be harder to fit? Both of the windows are at least the same size.

Also a good point about LEDs, I doubt they would be @gingebot level LED brightness, and we could time them on/off for certain times. :slight_smile:

you guys know christmas isn’tfor another 9 months right?

all I want is an enormous ‘SHM’ sign that the whole of Guildford can see, in glorious purple. Is that too much to ask? :slight_smile:

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Projects a purple sign upwards, Bat-signal stye?