Innovate Guildford 4th March 2017

Octopus project is nearly ready - thanks Julian for tips and hints, he should possibly be able to make 8 noises by tomorrow and have proper wiring instead of croc leads (but that’s still available as a backup if the new plan fails…)

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The Council’s Info document on the logistics for Innovate can be found here.

Thanks - useful read, especially for the note about not leaving empty boxes around once unpacked/setup (I shall use a small bag or 2 instead I think!)

I plan to bring ZeroBall along in the morning but won’t be able to stay or be there for breakdown. Family thing.
Anyone attending/manning the stand that could take it away.
It’s a bit chunky. Will be using a Pi Zero W and NexDock. Will bring an extension lead as well.

Could it maybe be stowed away in the Makerspace attic space afterwards?

Huge thanks to @AndrewPatience @Claire_Lonsdale @gingebot @JulianWarren @Winkleink for their endless enthusiasm today representing the space on our Innovate Guildford stand.

There seemed to be an endless throng of interested people, a job well done !

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It was a great day out :slight_smile:
Pics going up over on flickr, here
If you wait a little longer, the ones of the impressive LED lightsaber will be there too in a bit :wink:
@AndrewPatience feel free to add any suitable ones to the slideshow collection…