Innovate Guildford 2020

Hi folks, any info on this year’s one, please?
@stochastic_forest, @Jagmills ?

Thank you for remembering this, I’ve not heard anything from Guildford Council regarding Innovate for this year, yet. Normally I think it is in March, which isn’t that far away. I"ll mail the organiser in due course and see if we get a response.

Thanks! Useful to find out, to avoid unfortunate diary clashes.

And helps us work out what the timescale is, in case any large group projects would be useful to be done by then.

Took a look online, not listed under GLive events and can only see this for 2019. Not on…? :frowning:

@Claire_Lonsdale Thanks for keeping on top of this, I’ve heard back from Guildford Council and it seems Innovate Guildford is undergoing a rescheduling, currently is on the calendar for 10th of October this year, so we should have plenty of time to prepare for a really good show.

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