Innovate Guildford 2018 - Sat 17th March

We have been been invited again to take part in the Innovate Guildford technology showcase.
Watch this space for developments :slight_smile:

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So time has flown and Innovate Guildford is this coming Saturday.

If anyone would like to come and help out on the stand they would be very welcome, could they let me know so I can supply event details.

If anyone has some interesting projects we could display, so the repeat visitors from previous years have something new to grab their interest, and showcase our capabilities.

Cutting edge lasering might be a good choice as we have 3Dprinting pretty well covered.
Blinding bright LED displays can jump to the front of the queue!

Robotics would also be another attention grabber.

Myself, Julian and pi octopus will be there!
Are we allowed to sell any stuff/kits at this one? (Thinking of bringing the necklaces I made for Always the Sun)

My offer to use the light staff is still open. I can probably drop it off if you’d like. Although I’m intending to attend the event myself so wouldn’t mind helping out.

What time should we be aiming to get there for setup?

Thanks everyone for your offers of help!

Innovate i a really good chance to showcase what the space does to local residents, the show opens at 10:00am, so 9:00am for setup seems appropriate.

We only have one car parking ticket, so perhaps it might be a good idea to muster at the space before
carting things up. Quick drop offs at the venue should also be possible.

Unfortunately we aren’t allowed to sell items there.

That would be awesome @oliverlc, it went down a treat last year !!

@stochastic_forest do you have some Makerspace flyers and stickers to bring along, please?

@Claire_Lonsdale, absolutely, it’s all packed up at the space waiting to go for today :slight_smile:

A big thanks to everyone who helped out tonight with projects for Innovate, much appreciated !

A great day out - some pics here :slight_smile:
Innovate Guildford pics

Do we know how many people there were this year?
It showed no signs of abating til at least 4pm, very popular.