Infrastructure gurus

I have created an Infrastructure category, as well as the @infrastructure group which will currently tag Mike and makoto :slight_smile:

This will allow any pertinent discussion regarding the networking in the space to be picked up by the relevant people. Discourse is great.

What ideas do we have for our new infrastructure so far?

Did I understand we are lucky enough to have a FireBrick Router?

Do we want to have some hardwired ethernet ports available in the space as well as wireless ?
Are we going to have to arrange to run a cable from the space to connect to the Boileroom’s network ?

I think @makoto may have been able to persuade A&A to sponsor an FB2700 ,
but we’d also need wifi APs.

I guess we need to run a cable to the boiler room network and have a subnet?

So we should add the the cable install to our schedule of works for the move in and we’ll need to provision some cable and find an AP and a switch.

I have had a quick discussion with @makoto and we currently have Firebrick 2700 & possibly a couple of 24 port switches. I might also have some old Cisco kit lying around the house but need to hunt it down.

Obviously we need to look at a number of things, i.e:

  • Cabling (to WAN, to desk & to equipment)
  • WAN Hardware - Firewall/Router & DSL Router
  • LAN hardware
  • WiFi hardware
  • Kit enclosure (ideally a 19" rack) for a number of reasons (noise, safety & security)
  • Network design (wired & WiFi)

I have a few ideas regards the network design & implementation, but initially I’ll discuss these off-line with @makoto

If anybody has any network hardware (including cabling) that the are willing to donate please either post on this topic or message @makoto & myself direct.

Also if anyone has any specific network requirements for the makerspace then please post them on here.

The basic road map will include the addition of the infrastructure to the SHM website so that everyone is aware of what is available.

Lastly, I have a question:
What internet connectivity will have available to us at the makerspace and where is it’s point of presence in relation to our room?

I’ve got a spare Ubiquiti Unifi UAP kicking about. I might be able to source a 2nd one if coverage ends up poor too.

Edit: Are we getting upstream connectivity from the boiler room? If so - does anyone know what are the details of this? Will they get upset by us using a lot of data?

Thanks for those details @MikeBookham and @makoto.

I’'ve asked the Boileroom for information regarding the location of the cable modem and the type of package they have so we can get an idea of the cable run and speeds.

I don’t think we should have a problem with connectivity in the space itself if we have a hardwired connection and AP there, the shared kitchen isn’t far either, 2-3m through one wall probably. To reach the garden area might require a bit more signal strength.

The router is located in the shared kitchen, with which we have a common wall I think.

That would give us two approaches either drill straight through the wall from the space into the kitchen or a surface run along the corridor and then into the kitchen via the doorways. At a guess, I think the first option would be a run of less than 5 meters, the second about 10-15m.

I’m waiting to hear if the Boileroom has a preference for either and details on the Virgin Media package speeds…

The Boileroom have indicated they would prefer a surface run along the corridor.