Hi 👋 - new member introduction

Hi everyone,

I signed up last week, so thought I’d pop up and introduce myself.

I’m a developer by trade, both with large-scale commerce systems and the business applications for 3D/VR/MR/XR (sometimes grouped under the “Metaverse” banner). I also introduced many clients to “Disruptive” technologies (drones, 3D printing, IoT etc), and throughly enjoy playing with new technology to find out what problems it can actually solve.

Outside of work, I enjoy photography, boardgames and miniature painting. We have a quite expansive (locally-hosted) home-automation setup, but it is mainly off-the-shelf components as my soldering skills are relatively rudimentary.

I’m keen to learn how to work the laser cutter and CNC engraver, and to use the 3D printers for a few small project ideas.

I look forward to meeting you all over the next few months, although unfortunately I can’t make it to the BBQ.


Thanks Josh, and welcome.

I’d love to hear more about your home automation setup - I’ve got quite a bit going on at the moment here, including a few custom devices. I’m actually working on a greenhouse controller right now that I hope to get integrated into Home Assistant this weekend :slight_smile: