Hi my name is Matt

Good afternoon,

My name is Matt and i’m a supervisor in an outdoor shop in Horsham. I’ve been crafting all sorts of things since a young age, studied blacksmithing for two years at college (4years ago) and taught myself how to use fusion 360 to design item to print on my cr-10. I’ve also recently taken to Arduinos and coding but am far from good at it so far.

I found this makerspace because I’ve effectively run out of room to expand my DIY capabilities. Having looked through your website and a very quick look on the forums I think this place is exactly what I’m looking for.

Before payibg for a subscription I have a few quick questions.

  1. With the 24/7 access, would I need to be supervised?
  2. If there are tools not currently available in the space, can I bring/buy some for everyone to use? such as a toaster oven to temper 3d prints and such.
  3. What is the parking like?

Hope you all have a lovely day and thank you for reading

Hi Matt,
nice of you to drop in and introducing yourself.

I suspect there would be a few members who would be interested in picking your brains about blacksmithing and plenty who can offer thoughts on Arduino/ESP8266 coding.

To answer your questions. Members who’ve had inductions on on pieces of equipment that need and demonstrated proficiency are free to use them unsupervised.

Being one of the smaller makespaces, tool storage is somewhat at a premium. We welcome members donating equipment and sharing tools which we can accommodate. We have additional storage space in the building attic if equipment is relatively portable and can be brought out when required.

Evenings and Sundays parking is reasonable in on street bays in the surrounding area. Weekday and Saturday daytimes there are a limited number of two hour bays nearby. It’s usually possible to find one and then potentially bay hop depending on how long you need to stay. There is a multistory car park nearby in York Road as a paid option.

The space is located at the Boileroom, access through the garden, past the Pizza Boom, through the large black door and up the stairs to the end of the corridor.

We’d love to meet you, so If you would like to drop in and chat with some members, we have open evenings on a Tuesday and Friday evenings from around 6:30pm until late.

Thank you for your reply. I’m in the area on Tuesday so will pop by after work. More than happy to give advise where I can. See you then

Hi @lollimewire,

Thanks for saying hi! I will be there Tuesday evening so will also likely meet you then.
It’s best to aim for after 6:30pm to be sure someone is there, but I should be arriving by 6.