Hi I am Trixie

Hi all, I have joined a while ago (following the Facebook page pretty much since 2015) but never made it to the workshop irl. I enjoy loitering on the forum.

I am stubbornly interested in not spending money if I can repurpose or repair something, and I am sometimes reasonably successful. I have dabbled in hardware hacking for electronic music I make, I have done linoprinting, I repurpose fabrics for all sorts of things, repair clothes, make patchwork blankets, build garden tables that collapse if not leaning against a wall, and recently constructed a pull out bed for a small van so I can go camping without the physical exertion of putting up a tent. In the past I have also snuck around at night to record sounds I created by playing traffic signs with a cello bow. My special interest is food, cooking, organic agriculture, I collect herbs and spices, and I am gathering receipes to prep traditional foods I miss eating since I moved from Germany to the UK in 2015. Same goes for seasonal decorations, I strangely miss flowering branches with decorated easter eggs, and straw stars, so I now have to make them myself. I like to occasionally make artist trading cards I exchange with friends. I will add some photos as soon as I have figured out how to do that.
Until then, thanks for having me, and hopefully I’ll make it to the new premises at some point!




Hi @TrixieDeLight the van project is looking great!

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