Hi Everybody

Hi All,

I came across your community after looking for somewhere I could use a drill press in the Guildford area. I have a project which will require the use of a drill press, however I have not used one since my D.T. days many years ago!

Is there an individual at the makerspace who is in charge of your machine and would they be willing to help me using it? I want to drill some holes in a guitar body, I don’t envisage it taking more than 30 minutes.

Regarding use of the space, is there a usage fee which I can pay? Currently I don’t think I’d be a regular user but I would of course be happy to pay for usage of the facilities for the time I am there.



Hi there @Joe,

Thanks for saying hello! Good to hear from you and welcome to the community.

I would certainly be happy to show you around our drill press. It is a bench mounted one, but I imagine it should have the reach needed for your guitar body work, but we have some other things in the space that might help if not.

I’m usually there Tuesdays and Fridays, and as they’re our open session evenings there will be plenty of people around to help if not me :slight_smile: Aiming for 6:30pm onwards is usually the best bet, but it’s often a good idea to pop into our Slack channel to check.

We have a donations box so if you wanted to throw anything towards us for the assistance that would always be welcomed. Hopefully we can convince you to become a member some day! :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris! I’ll look to pop in the next week if I’m able, great that there’s such a good resource and community behind it in the area!

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