Hi all *waves*

Heya! Im moving to surrey soon (hopefully if i pass the police selection tests) and I’m looking for a new hackerspace to get involved with.

I own a laser cutter (epilog helix 24x18) and a self built 8x4ft CNC router that are staying in Brighton. I always feel like my knowledge in machining/ digital design for laser/CNC is a great thing to transfer to others so id like to come in check it out and jump on a membership if you will take me :slight_smile: Id also like to get back onto the Arduino train and get back into that too

FYI the laser and CNC are when i ran my own company they were not just hobby machines :slight_smile:

Hi there Nick!

Lovely to hear from you and thanks for the intro - sounds like you would feel right at home! :slight_smile: Our laser cutter is much less impressive but it certainly gets our jobs done, and we have a few people (myself included) who are into CNC milling.

Arduinos are why I started at SHM many years ago - I couldn’t flash an LED back then, and look at me now. I can flash 5!

Whenever you get the chance I recommend you pop in on one of our open sessions, either Tuesday or Friday after 6:30pm to come have a look around and a chat. Fridays are usually busier so you’ll find a better cross section of our members. Will be great to chat to you at some point, and good luck with your tests!

Great, I have a day off tomorrow so i may make an appearance tomorrow. See you soon!