Heritage Crafts Fund

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Worth taking a look in case you do any of these, or know anyone who does, and they’d appreciate some funding (and support this association.

After three rounds and 18 grants awarded, we are yet to receive an application to our HCA Endangered Crafts Fund for a project that features any of the following endangered crafts from the #HCARedList. If you know any of these UK-based makers, mention them in the comments so they can consider applying for up to £2,000 to do something that will increase the likelihood of their craft surviving the next generation. The next application deadline is 26 February 2021. More details at https://heritagecrafts.org.uk/ecf-apply/. The ECF is supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation, Dulverton Trust, Allchurches Trust, Radcliffe Trust and individual donors.

Brick maker

Broom maker

Brush maker

Clay pipe maker

Clog maker

Coach builder

Cooper (non-spirits)

Cricket ball maker

Engine turner

Falconry furniture maker

Flintknapper (masonry)

Flute maker

Free reed instrument maker

Globe maker

Gold beater

Hand grinder

Harp maker

Hat block maker

Horn, antler and bone worker


Iron founder


Lacrosse stick maker

Ladder maker

Lead worker

Mould and deckle maker

Northumbrian pipe maker

Oar, mast, spar and flagpole maker

Orrery maker

Parchment and vellum maker


Pole lathe bowl turner

Rake maker

Saw maker

Side saddle maker

Sieve and riddle maker


Spade maker (forged heads)

Surgical instrument maker



Wallpaper maker

Whip maker

Wooden pipe maker