"Helpful Engineering" (Online C-19 related projects)

Hi Folks,

I don’t know if this will generate anything useful, or if any makerspace people are interested in getting involved.

Essentially there’s a workspace on Slack called Helpful Engineering - the aim seems to be to generate projects, designs and emergency equipment to help with the COVID-19 situation.

So far it all seems a bit haphazard and chaotic. Right now there seem to be a lot of people involved, so there’s probably not much most of us can add.

If you are interested in joining the workspace though here’s a link:


If you do join keep an eye open for a Direct Message from GreetBot - this will give at least a vague hint about how things are organised.

At some point in the future it’s possible designs may be available to 3D print which is when members with 3D printers may want to be directly involved.

Hope you’re all well, best wishes for the coming weeks,



Although going off on a tangent, if you have subscribed to Everyday Practical Electronics (Epemag) they did have an article from the April 2001 edition - “End to all Disease”. Mentioned a polarised light microscope the magnification of which could rival that of an electron microscope (10000 to 60000 times). An unusual resonance device was also mentioned consisting of a plasma discharge ( multiple arc) spherical tube driven by a modified radio transmitter circuit. The electromagnetic radiation from the discharge tube is supposed to make any diseased cells resonate until they rupture. 2 websites given in the article:

Hi all,

Following from the above from Julian.

We have created a WhatsApp group with a few designer and engineers.
Latest update: we have created 100s of visors for a few hospitals. They were greatly appreciated.
The latest designs uses both laser cutters and 3D printers and now take minutes to produce.

Let us know if you would like to join. The NHS needs more as they are running out quick.

Help us protect the people who are looking after us. Help prevent them from falling ill due to lack of PPE.



Hello Mary, glad to be able to help you find our board :slight_smile:
If anyone’s able to help, please do consider getting in contact and finding out what you can do.

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Dapdune House Surgery are asking about 3D printed visors on Facebook.

I don’t have a printer that can handle the task, and apparently the sheet materials needed are getting hard to come by. If anyone can help and doesn’t have FB then I’m happy to act as an initial go between.

Thanks Julian, We have reached out to them.

Yes, there is a real shortage out there. Any help will be good.

If anyone knows of a source of the visor material and a preferred laser cut design, I’m very happy to run the laser cutter at the space to produce them.

Thanks Matt.

Please provide your email address and phone number so I can add you to the group.

Thanks for your help .

I’m interested in doing some assembly and have contacted you with my details; not sure it’s gone through, though I sent 2 messages today🤔