Hello ! 🌿

Hello everyone, my name is Boris, and I’m a French sound artist and creative technologist. My wife and I recently moved to Guildford, and we’re finally settling down.

I’m reaching out to you because I’m incredibly enthusiastic about the idea of utilizing a Makerspace and connecting with fellow makers in the area! I have extensive professional experience working in diverse creative spaces and studios, and I always strive to find a community whenever I relocate.

As mentioned earlier, my artistic focus primarily revolves around sound. I enjoy creating peculiar sound sculptures that incorporate various electronic elements.

Aside from my sound art, I’m also interested in radio, poetry, food, and cycling, among other things.

Wishing you all a fantastic day, and I can’t wait to meet you!


Welcome to the makerspace forum.

We have a few makers with musical interests & talents.
If possible we hope to include a sound and music production area in the new makerspace.

I hope you enjoy becoming part of our community and forward to meeting you soon.

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Hello, I’m Andy from Richmond Makerlabs.

FYI, embarrasingly I can’t find the new message button on here (likely my end?)
Your info@ address is bouncing mail
I can’t message you on twitter as not verified
So here I am.

Anyway, if you still have our old laser I’ve found the rotary table for it if you want it?
You’d be most welcome to it if someone’s coming our way, or I may come say hello.
Message me on andy, let’s hide the email, richmondmakerlabs only the uk please.

Hope the move is going well,


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Hi Andy, great to hear from you.
I’m glad you were able to find us.
@JulianWarren @stochastic_forest @AndrewPatience could we make use of these items?

You will find that the new post functionality will appear (I think the forum waits for you to interact with things a little first; replying to and liking things, before it will appear - try a few things and see what happens :slight_smile: )

Thanks for coming back to me Claire.

I shall see if the new topic appears!

Sorry all, I may have spoken too soon. Someone has just told me it does work with ours after all.
My fault for not testing it myself and I will doand come back to you if it doesn’t.

Your system has just called me basic. Rude :wink:

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Consider yourself lucky, it called me Pascal!