Hello! ✨

Hi there! I’m Pablo. I was wondering if there was such a place in town and was gladly surprised to find SHM!

I’m a videogame artist working at Media Molecule in Guildford. I also tinker with synths, 3D printing and a bit of woodworking. I’m into science communication, Free Software, worker organising, and spaceee!

I’d love to see what you all do in this community! I’ll try to come to the open sessions and consider becoming a member in the future.

Would it be possible to visit the space?

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Hi Pablo, I’m Julian one of the Makerspace’s directors, glad you found us!

We hold regular open sessions on the second Sunday of every month. However there are also often members in the space on Friday evenings.

I’m going to be at the space by 7:30pm this Friday, so if you want to drop in it’d be great to meet you.

We’re upstairs in the Boileroom music venue, follow the signs to the tattoo studio and we’re just after that.

I’m in the early stages of trying to build a DIY modular synth myself, tinkering with some circuit bending, and sporadically working on countless other projects!

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Hi Julian! That sounds great, I’ll try to pop by on Friday!

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@JulianWarren is on his way over, now :slight_smile:

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Hi pablo!

I have an interest in synths but should probably be forcibly required to watch and admire rather than to pick up yet another time-hungry project :wink:


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