Hello, Personal intro

I have just come across this hackspace/makerspace, I live local (Farnham) and will try to drop by at the next evening to introduce my self. I assume 18.00 on friday is the next meeting.

I’m interested all things mechanical and electronic but by no means an expert. Currently building a water-cooled pc/ media server. Having a rethink on the carpentry/ chassis construction. Recently decided get an arduino and jump in to programming it. I am not looking into building a CNC rounter just trying to decide now to go about controling it. arduino grbl shield, CNC xPRO controller or a something with a parallel port with an old desktop.

Interested to hear from you and the projects your doing.

Hi Andrew,

First fo all, welcome to the space. Yes our next meeting is Friday (13/05/2016) 6pm-late.

We’ve got a lot of people with similar interests, in fact I’m typing up this reply on a water-cooled PC, and we have a few people with CNC routers too.
I’d definitely recommend coming along to this weeks’ meet-up if you can to introduce yourself in person and get a feel for what what makerspace is about, meet some of the members and share knowledge.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Hi Andrew,
I can recommend arduino uno or duemilanove (i.e. the basic arduinos) with GRBL firmware and running grblPanel on a windows PC. It worked just fine right away for me and has a been stable and faultless in operation.
(Various vids of it controlling my home made CNC are on Youtube under ‘DrunkCNC’).
I’ve controlled it from both a small laptop and an old desktop pc, however, I’m told that grblPanel requires some version of the .NET framework that requires at least windows 7 to run. I’ve only tried it on windows 7 so I have no personal experience of trying to use it with older OSs.
I wish you all the best with your creating!

Thanks for the advice on the cnc project Pete, it’s good to hear from someone that has some experience. Windows 7 is what I’m planning to use, go to know though as something I didn’t check.

Thanks for the quick reply, look forward to seeing you on friday.
I will try and bring the water-cooled pc with me. Its an unusual looking thing with only a psu fan for cooling.