Hello, newbie intro and CNC-ing

Just wanted to say hello, hopefully in person tomorrow evening at the open session. I’ve been interested in making my own bike lights from back when there was a real DIY scene, back before you could get a 500+ lumen light from Deal Extreme for £20. Still, I’ve finally got my own CNC machine working, a Sienci Mill One, and milled my first ‘thing’ last night. I’m keen to learn more about CNCing as I need to work my way up to milling an aluminium case for my light. I’ve got some XPG LEDs and a Hyperboost Taskled driver, so there are some simple electronics involved too. It would be great to chat with anyone with experience or interest in CNCing, or with designing things in OnShape. Anyway, hope to meet a few people tomorrow night as I’ve discovered the pleasure and satisfaction in creating something physical by hand.


Hi there Andrew! I’ll be along tonight and will happily chat away about CNC milling and CAD design in general. Feel free to pop in at any time after 6pm, although it is usually busier after 7 if you wanted to find a good corss section of members to talk to.

Hopefully see you there!