Hello / LASER cutter induction

Just wanted to say hello on the forum. Great to meet a few of you on Tuesday night and thanks to @sarahlouise spending so much time talking through the jewelry making.

I’d love to get an induction done on the LASER cutter. If the person/people that can do that want to suggest a few times and dates that work for them, I’m sure I can get to the space at the right time.

See you all again soon


Hi @basalt.digital thank you for saying Hi on the forum, it was good to catch up with you again :slight_smile:
Glad you got to meet @sarahlouise and discover the fantastic jewellery she creates.

The Tuesday and Friday open sessions are the most common times for laser cutter introductions, let us know a particular one that is convenient for you and we’ll sort out who can give it. If those timings are difficult then we can try to find another day that works.

Hope to see you at the space sometime soon!

Are the dates inductions posted on the forum? I’ll make sure I’m down on a different day to avoid a clash :wink: I’m planning on swinging by tomorrow night for this week.

I was going to come tomorrow night for an induction but I don’t want to cause a problem. What time do you finish Sarah? Maybe I can be inducted after you’re done?

I can’t do Friday, so the next time after that would be Tuesday 4th for me.

Hey Kevin,

I’ll be there tomorrow evening so happy to give you the laser induction :slight_smile:

It helps if you can bring a laptop running Windows for the software!

No fear, I’ll be in Wednesday this week. Do share your work here once you get going!