Hello.. I'm Bénédicte

So excited to discover this space! When are things starting up again after Christmas please?

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Hi @Benedicte! Welcome to our little corner and thanks for saying hello :slight_smile:
Things are likely to start up again next week or the week after. I myself am visiting family at the moment, but I should be returning and attending our regular open session next Friday. We run open sessions Tuesdays and Fridays, so perhaps some of our other members will be in sooner.

What kind of projects/hobbies are you interested in? Look forward to meeting you soon!


Thanks Chris!
I was looking into makerspaces mostly for my husband and son who are really keen to learn more about woodwork, but actually making in general (if they can overcome their fear of leaving the house and “people” :slight_smile:)
I love sewing and knitting/crochet, but need my sewing machine looked at by someone who knows or might be able to teach me to service it?
Mostly, I love the notion of spaces like this and the opportunity to learn from others!

Ah that’s great to hear! We have a few woodworkers, myself included :slight_smile: Our space doesn’t currently lend itself to a massive area for many machines, but we have a few provisions for a variety of projects (we have a bandsaw, for example). Personally it’s nice to have a chat with likeminded individuals about certain projects and work on them elsewhere.
The laser cutter/engraver also lends itself to some interesting woodworking opportunities.
I’d also mention that membership grants people access at all times, which is handy if you or your family would like to have some peace and quiet!

By all means bring your machine in at some point, we have many dab hands at mechanical tinkering - our members often attend “Repair Cafés” to lend a helping hand so are quite experienced in getting things back up and running, and several of our members could certainly help you learn to service it. We also have a lovely old Singer at the space if you didn’t fancy hauling your machine around every time!

There are a few other crafty textile types. I spin, knit, sew and make shoes.

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@Benedicte Our first open evening of 2020 will be this evening from around 6:30pm, all welcome!

It’s actually already open, hurray! I’m already here :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. Can’t make it tonight… Hopefully next week?

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@Benedicte , no problem, we will be holding open evenings on Tuesday and Friday as usual.

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