Hello from downstairs at the Boileroom!

Hello - Just thought I’d say hi.

I’ve just moved into one of the other rooms at the Boileroom.

We make music software, but I’ve got some spare bits of electronics and other stuff you might find useful upstairs - when I had more time I used to design and build SMD based eurorack synth stuff. But the day job has taken over all my free time recently.

Will pop in any say hello one evening!

cheers! Jim.

Good to see you here :slight_smile:

We really do need an SHM electronic music event .

Have you made it over to an of the Modular Cafe events in Aldershot? (they advertise the events on Facebook).

Ah - I’ve not.

I’ve not had enough time for the modular recently. After getting into making digital synths for it I got sidetracked and launched this https://www.deviousmachines.com/ … but I should make some time … i’ve got a lot of music to finish as well.