Hello everyone I'm Michael

Hi, I’m really keen to get involved in the space. I’ve tried to pay for membership but keep getting a restricted messages.

Hope to be able to join you all soon.

hi Michael! Another one to ask one of the directors @stochastic_forest @AndrewPatience or @Jagmills about (you could try messaging them here for help)

Hi Michael.

I will have a look at our payment system.

It would be great to show you our space and discuss how we work.

I will be in our workshop Friday evening from 6.30pm and happy to open anytime this weekend or any evening next week. We also have a virtual group chat on a Friday from around 8pm Jitsi Meet.

Hi Andrew

Thank you for the reply

I would really like to see the space, I’ll come this evening at around 7 if that works for you?