Hello! And a question about membership & laser cutting

Hi all

I’m Sarah and not yet a member :slight_smile:

Hope this is the right area to post this! I’m really interested in joining, and just had a couple of questions after having read through the website and quite a few of the threads.

I notice that there is a regular Friday session - is this the only time members can use the space, or is the Friday just a group get-together, but access is available all the time? Second, my main interest is in laser cutting, and it looks like it’s up and running (although not 100% sure from the thread). Do you run inductions on the machine, and is that something you’d do on one of the Friday sessions?

Cheers in advance, Sarah

Hello there @sarahlouise, Happy New Year, thank you for introducing yourself.

To answer your questions, Friday sessions are open and anyone, including members of the public, is free to drop in and say hello, they also form a defined time for members to find each other at the space. There is also an open session on Tuesday.

Members have free access to the space whenever the Boileroom building is open. There are no specific hours for that but they are broadly from around 9:00am (except Wed when it may be later) until it closes in the evening. Evening closing time depends on what is happening at the venue. If there are no events on then it is around 7-8pm or if there is an event then it will be around 11:00pm. Open sessions normally run to around midnight. If there is a requirement to access the space outside of these hours it may be possible to make special arrangements to do so.

Access to the laser cutter is for members only and currently @Cylindric runs the induction sessions, it should be possible to arrange one for a particular Friday session.

I hope that answers your questions, if not, please feel free to ask a follow up or drop in and see us at one of the open sessions.

Hi Sarah, welcome to the forum and Happy New Year!

Further to Matt’s reply, we are also experimenting with the idea of having an open session on Tuesdays as well - usually the best place to check is on the forum, as we typically announce when the space is open under the Open Sessions category when someone is in! If there’s a particular day that you can make it then do let one of us know, as usually there is someone around.

Also for free access, we are currently bound by the Boileroom’s opening hours if no key holder (one of the directors) is present. We do have a fancy entry system that currently only operates on the space door, but moving forward we hope to have this extended to allow free access easily :slight_smile:

Everyone, welcome our newest member, Sarah :slight_smile:

Hope to see you at the space soon - have a look around the forum to see what sorts of things we’ve been up to.

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@sarahlouise welcome to the makerspace, let us know when you intend to drop in to the space so we can show you around :slight_smile:

Welcome! I look forwards to seeing the fun (or serious) things you make using the laser cutter. :slight_smile:

Hello, wasn’t sure which is more appropriate, creating a new (duplicate) thread of bumping an old one. I was hoping to come down this evening for the first time.
My name is Tris and I have a bit of an interest in just about everything I have seen in the forum threads. Got some small woodworking projects but would love the excuse to dig out my Pi and actually learn to use it.

what sort of turnout do you get on a Friday and is there anything i should know before turning up?

Cheers, Tris

Hi there Tris,

Thanks for dropping in to say hello! I will be there from about 5:30pm onwards so will likely bump into you.

We usually have a pretty busy turnout, but as you might have seen with the ATS Festival running it may be a little quieter. Usually later in the evening is a bit quieter than 6-8pm.

The thing you’ll need is how to actually get in! We are inside the Boileroom. To get to us, you can go through the back gate of the Boileroom into the garden - from there, follow the path around to the left, past the takeaway window, past another door, and eventually you’ll see the venue directly in front of you and the side entrance door on the left. Through that and up the stairs, we are located past the kitchen and tattoo parlour. You’ll likely hear us :slight_smile:

Feel free to reply to me here if you get lost on your way in, it can be a bit tricky for new visitors. We really need some signs!


Cheers Chris

Perhaps a new Project thread? :smile:

Thanks for your advice. I will likely be there around 7pm. It would be good to look around, see what you have, and introduce myself. I saw a thread about a fridge requirement. I might be able to help out there… is it still needed?


New project thread definitely sounds like an idea :slight_smile:

Great. By 7pm there’ll be a few of us, so shouldn’t be too hard to find where all the noise is coming from. A fridge would be lovely but we are a bit limited in space, but I imagine we could certainly do with one after the summer we had! Our infamous tuck box got a bit…melty.

Do come have a look around at least, and hopefully we won’t scare you off!

Hi Chris,

I was planning on coming down tomorrow (congrats for no scaring me off.)

Would it be okay to pay for my first month in cash. And whilst I am down ican grab some bank details from you.

One other question, is there a monitor at the space that I can plug my Pi into? I haven’t got anything all that portable annoyingly however I do have a shopping list.



Morning Tris!

Sorry for the delay. Spent my entire evening attempting to fix a Mac :slight_smile:

That’s great news, I will be there tonight. Cash is fine, I can get your sign up form done and we can sort it out from there.

Yep - we have a few monitors around the space, currently 2 plugged in that you can use, and if they are being used we have some others kicking about on the storage shelves. Not sure about the availability of HDMI cables, the Thinkpad station (near the laser cutter) definitely has one.

We have keyboards and mice too :slight_smile: