Hackspace Tuck-shop Suggestion Box

Perhaps we should have a suggestion box for things to stock in the tuck-shop?

I vote we stock Pussy :smiling_imp:

can i vote for some tentacle grape

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How could I forget about Tentacle Grape!?!?

Although if its anything like that American Grape Soda… no thanks!

I suggest a range of neutrally named beverages; Fanta, Dr. Pepper & Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa.

In addition, @gingebot and I propose exploring more savory subsistence such as Wonton Soup and Instant Noodles.

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I like the noodles idea… Aldershot has some shop that sell good asian noodle selections


I vote Club Mate. I’ll be ordering a crate at some point and will bring some along to the space, it’s a very enjoyable caffeine drink that is the traditional drink of choice for German hackspaces. I visited a few spaces in Germany last year, and it’s everywhere :smile:

It’s actually not too expensive to buy here.