Hackspace Session - 12th February 2015

For anyone who couldn’t make it this week, here’s a quick write-up of what went on down at the hackspace.

@gingebot made some more progress upgrading and up-fitting the CNC router he’s been fixing up.
You can see more about his progress in his project log update.

@Macaba did a shoot-out between various USB power socket adapters, with varying results. Devices ranging in price from 99p to £11.99 were tested using a 200mA test load, with the results measured using an Agilent MSO-X 2000 series oscilloscope. You can see more in his project log update.

@the_mayor & @Macaba were busy chopping up some v-slot aluminium extrusion for some future projects, in preparation for black anodising before being built into something.

@graeme was doing something with a Raspberry Pi 2, a device we’ve quickly come to love at the hackspace.

@stochastic_forest was having fun using the free edition of Wolfram Mathematica which comes free with the Raspberry Pi 2.

I mostly made a mess with my new 3D printing pen. Which I’ve now discovered dislikes cheap PLA… seems to clog up very easily!

For anyone whose projects I missed, feel free to comment with what you were working on.


I unfortunately couldn’t make it to the session, as I spent most of Thursday finishing my control plate off.

It’s actually milling out the final plate shape right now. The aluminium I used is 3mm thick, which feels a lot more than that and is fairly hard to mill.

But it’s almost there! :slight_smile:

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I was working on mounting my Raspberry Pi 2 inside a plastic case along with a 64GB Solid State state Disk. I then mounted the case on the back of a LCD screen using the VESA mounts. So now I have a portable computer :slight_smile:

I’ve moved all but the boot partition onto to SSD and it seems to run quite fast. Details here : http://dissemin8.org.uk/running-raspberry-pi-on-an-ssd/