Hacking / voting /discussion session 09/09?


Is there going to be a meet-up on the 09/09 or are people to busy in Stoke park with the always the Sun Festival? If everybody is in Stoke park, what are the timings of that and I can see if I can pop down and hold up some bits of pipe on their way into a dome or something.


As far as I know there’s a normal(ish) session on in Farnborough on 09/09.

I think Matt’s hoping to have the stuff that can be set up in advance done and dusted by the time we’d usually start, and it’ll be a useful opportunity to get things off of people to show off at the festival.

indeed. 09/09 is from my perspective.

Hi Florian,

we’d love to have you help put up the dome, but Julian is correct, I"d hoped to get it finished by at least mid afternoon.

I don’t know if you can get away from work at lunch time ( from about 12:30pm ) when Andrew and I will be onsite to lend a hand, if you can great, otherwise don’t worry.