Hack the Space

Sunday 28th October we will be our first Hack the Space.

The aim is to organise and improve our space.
Weather permitting we will have a sociable lunch in the boileroom garden.
Ideas for improvements to the space are welcome.

If you can pop by for a hour or spend all day, please let us know.

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Sounds good - what start time were you suggesting?

10am start was my plan but happy to be flexible if people want to be early.

I don’t feel someone is only available between 11 and 12 or would prefer the afternoon that would be an issue.

From today’s open evening we now have @florian, @Jagmills and @Takumo.

I will come along to help too

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Ideas of what to do would be great - even from those that can’t make it!

  1. Label Storage shelves/ boxes
  2. Build more creative work areas.
  3. Create innovative storage solutions and new project areas.

Draft for Schedule of Works
I will need some help with some areas, particularly electronics on identifying and assessing items.

  1. Inventory of consumables, tools and equipment.
  2. Organise electronics shelving.
  3. Improve tool storage (so things have a designated place).
  4. Reinforce and improve modular storage units.
  5. Clear and clean workbenches and floor.
  6. Create more work space!
  7. Clear out any unwanted items.
  8. Eat Cake.
  9. If spare time take a look at the attic.
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I’ll drop in too, if anyone has spare storage boxes/systems to organise our “stuff” that might be handy :slight_smile:

I am certainly proficient in the eating cake part, hopefully I can be useful for the other ones too :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone that came to join in on Sunday.

It was a great success. I hope that those next using the space will appreciate the improvements!

We have a new tool storage unit on it’s way :grinning:. Thank you @Heather .


DSC_0311This is now what our space looks like :grinning:


Now featuring creepy laser sorting hat!

Well it is Halloween and stuff always needs sorting

That’s my bad! I had to leave my oggie boogie costume there since I couldn’t carry it home that night. Should be able to take it home tomorrow night!

Speaking of which, who’s up for some Friday flat pack fun tonight??

I’ll need a lift from my place at 7pm or so…

You’re very welcome and dad says he’ll pay me back :+1:
We’ll have to laser etch a dedication in Gaelic!:shamrock:


Hi Heather, we will be around about 7pm.