Hack Session - 1st February 2015

The 01/02/15 Sunday Hack Session was a busy one; including a surprise appearance from freakyclown!

Activities included:

  • Getting the Atmel AVR toolchain working (or not!) on linux
  • Discussing the development of a Pick and Place machine
  • Deploying the SHH members area (with help from SoMakeIt)
  • CNC machine designing in CAD
  • Waxing accordion reeds using improvised hot plate
  • PCBs being drawn and etched…

  • ESP8266 Wifi module hacking…

(After struggling for a couple of hours to get the ESP8266 to work, the shield was removed to discover that the oscillator crystal was 90 degrees out of orientation as shown in the picture. A quick desolder and resolder made the ESP8266 work instantly!)

We had a great day with plenty of people popping along for a few hours, but there is always room for more. We hold regular hack sessions so please feel free to join us next time to see what it is all about!