Hack Session - 18th December 2014

For everyone who couldn’t make the final Hackspace session for the year, here’s an update of what went on.

  • @Cylindric did some more work on his home-made UV PCB development box.

  • @Macaba and @Folknology benchmarked the Smart Scope – An interesting kickstarter funded project for a USB connected, PC/tablet based oscilloscope, and while it wasn’t near the standards of a higher spec professional scope, and the software definitely needs some improvements, it looks promising.

  • @mrdino was being @mrdino

  • @InverseSandwich had a box with some blinking LEDs on it – but I forgot to ask what it was about! :scream:

  • @gingebot was busy printing some parts for @Macaba’s power supply.

  • Meanwhile, I was mostly busy learning about what everyone else was doing.

Remember: Next Hackspace Session is Thursday 8th January 2015!

I was soldering up a DIN cable to interface with a 1200 baud radio modem :smiley:

I soldered up the hotplate power wiring, where we discovered our printed box was a little to small and live terminals were at risk of shorting, next step enlarging box before re-fitting.