Hack Session - 14th December 2014

So it’s a Sunday Hack Session this week, the first I’ve been able to make it to!

As we’ll have a bit more time, I’m offering to give anyone a run through of any geekery I know about, so if you want a demo of any of the following, register your interest below!

  • Git - GitHub, BitBucket, just local for personal stuff, whatever
  • Arduino - basic getting-started stuff really
  • KiCad - any help getting started with schematics or PCB layout (I know the tools, the electrical engineering is up to you :slight_smile: )
  • OpenScad
  • SolidWorks - basics

I’ll also be there tomorrow, if anyone’s interested in Golang, I’d be happy to give a talk on what is is, why you should care and a “straight-to-the point” demo.

I’ll also be working on my IRC server in Go, and probably working on a small web scraping project.

Sorry folks I was hoping to make it today but unfortunately I found the lure of a pub lunch and a pint too much. I’ll see you all on Thursday.


Other than the betrayal of @SirDystic… Sunday’s hack session was a good one.

Lots of progress made on lots of projects!