Hack Session - 11th December 2014

Hi All,

For those that couldn’t make it this week, here’s a peek at what went on at the Hackspace this week.
I don’t have any pictures to share though – I should remember to add some next time.
I’ll be posting in more detail about what I did on my own project log.

@mrdino managed to rope @SirDystic and I into designing a database structure for his cross-stitch kits and inventory tracking. It was an interesting problem which needed careful thought not to over-complicate things. Which I’m hoping works out.

@Folknology brought along a very interesting book about programming AVR micro-controllers, which I’ve borrowed this week to start reading up on. It’s a great book for anyone who knows programming, but hasn’t yet done anything with embedded programming.

@gingebot proudly displayed the case he’s designed and printer for the PID controller for the re-flow solder hot plate. It’s looking pretty nice. If he provides a picture I’ll be sure to include it here.

@g0nz085 was playing about with his linux window manager config, which looks pretty cool.

Next hack session is Thursday 18th December 2014 and is the last hack session of 2014.
Hope to see you all then.

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Thanks for this update, good to hear you’re getting your feet wet with embedded computing!

Sounds like fun :smile:

Think I might have seen that at the Brighton Maker Faire, it looked pretty fascinating.

You could spend a lifetime tweaking window managers :laughing:

Roped in being quite apt… as the database is actually tracking small bits of rope … (not old rope brand new six strand cotton rope!!)

Haven’t had a chance to attack this problem - now it’s quitening down I’ll probably get back on that (just after I’ve sorted a new car) …