Hack a washing machine/make a centrifuge?

i know someone potentially giving away a 5kg load washing machine.

anyone want it as is?

anyone want it to take apart and make some sort of cool centrifuge?

Or a wind turbine …

Or a…tumble dryer?

I’ve salvaged a couple of the motors from machines like this - not yet tried to drive them, but a quick Internet will tell you that it’s relatively straightforward.

What could we make space-wise? A turbo charged gear display perhaps? :slight_smile:

Gear signage with mega POV capability !

…so do we want it, or is it too much at the mo?

okay he now wants one hundy sticks for it so i propose i close this down…

I have a cheapy HEC programmer (with blown switched mode supply )
and an old Hoover speed controller pcb with damaged snubber components.