Guildford Soup the Eigth Gathering - 6:00pm Fri 23rd June Boileroom

Guildford SOUP is a community-focused and led creative, grassroots crowd-funding project. Ever had an idea, project, or start-up that will benefit the community? Have you struggled to get funding or get the project started? This is the place for you!

There is a discretionary donation at the door of SOUP, which goes into a prize draw that one of the pitches wins at the end of SOUP.

3/4 applicants will be chosen to present to the audience for five minutes, about their project, what the problem is that they are trying to solve, and how they would solve it with the prize money. Each presenter can also answer questions from the audience. Each audience member then casts a vote for their favourite project, whilst enjoying some live music and some SOUP and other refreshments. The votes are counted, and the pitch with the most votes wins the cash.

Full details here.

Hi - I am new and intended to attend your Fri 23 Jun meeting.
I turned up to the Boileroom at about 18:05 but failed your initiative test.
I tried the main doors and set off the burglar alarm, but could not see any sign of a meeting.
What did I do wrong?
Hope to see you next time.

Hi Andrew, sorry to hear you had a frustrating experience trying to find us, it is less than easy to find!

Sometimes the main doors to the venue will be open and you can come in that way. Usually though you’ll need to follow the curve of the road around to the back of premises. There’s a gate in the fence which you need to go through into the garden. On some evenings if there’s an event at the venue you might need to knock (but that’s pretty rare).

Once in the garden you pass Smokey Joe’s on your left (which can be useful if you need some food). Keep walking until you can’t go further, and turn left and go through the dark imposing metal door. Head up the stairs and keep following the winding corridor to the end and that’s where the Makerspace is.

If the door’s closed then knock and someone should let you in.

Ah. I walked around there and asked a guy in Smokey Joe’s if there was an event on, but he wasn’t aware of one. I also admitted to him that I had set the alarm off!
With that extra info I should make it next time.

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Hi, unfortunately I didn’t make it this week too as was to move an mx5 which seems to have a seized caliper but hoping to make it again soon.
Thanks Sam